OutcastOutcast: (1) One that has been excluded from a society or system; (2) A person who is rejected or excluded from a social group; (3) Anything thrown out or rejected (4) Rejected, abandoned, or discarded; cast out.

When I was in the third grade there was a boy in my class who suffered from a severe physical handicap.  He was always quiet and kinda just kept to himself. He could not run or take part in many of the fun games that all of my classmates would partake in. His legs were crooked and all the other students were always laughing at him. He took the blunt of many of their harsh jokes.

Like any other normal kid, I spent my days in school trying to elevate my popularity with the other kids. I had excelled rather quickly in my endeavors to gain social acceptance. I was asked out by the prettiest girl in third grade and was moving right up the social ladder. When it came to my school life, everything was going exceptionally well.

Then it happened. The day I will never forget. The day that I lost all that I had worked so hard for.

Everyday at reccess, all the boys would play football in the school yard. We would quickly split into two teams and kick off the game. On this paticular sunny day as the game was in full swing, the handicap boy that spent all his time alone walked onto the feild and said “I want to play.”  All the boys laughed at him and told him to get lost, but again he said “will someone play football with me?” I felt great commpassion for him but my fellow students again mocked him and continued to play on. I desperatelty wanted to play catch with him to lift his spirits but i kept thinking “what would the other boys think of me?”

As we kept playing the boy just stood their watching us run around and having a good time. The look on his face was gut wrenching. I couldn’t take it anymore! I had gotten to a point where I no longer cared what the others thought of me. I no longer cared that I would give up everything I had accomplished in regards to my social status. I was going to play football with the outcast.

I played wide receiver on the next play and was able to get open long enough for the quarterback to throw the ball to me.  I caught the ball for a first down and my team quickly hurried to the line of scrimmage for the next play. With the football still in my hand, I walked off the field to the side line where the boy was still standing.  While everyone was watching, I stood about ten feet away and tossed him the football. He then tossed it back to me the best that he could. After the first couple of passes back and forth, I started hearing the cursing and the jokes being hurled at me from the other boys.  They were relentless as they all stood there mocking me. One of the football players walked over to the handicap boy and stripped the football out of his hands. He was my best friend at the time. He looked at me with the football in his hands and asked if I was going to stop fooling around with the crippled boy and get back to the real game.  I told him to give me the football back! The crowd that had congagrated became deafly silent as my best friend and I had a short stare down with each other. Finally, he handed me the football, called me a certain name and they all walked off. Me and the outcast then resumed our game of catch.

I lost everything. From that day foward I became the outcast. My girlfriend broke up with me, I lost my best friend and I could not longer play football with the other boys everyday in the school yard. (I think not playing football was what hurt me the most!) I gave it all up and it was my choice to do so.

The point is this. In today’s world, if you are a Christian then you are the outcast. Jesus was an outcast and He was mocked and hated by the world just like that little boy. Jesus warned us that if we follow Him we to will be hated by the world and deemed an outcast. Was it worth it for me to give up everything and play football with that boy? Absolutley! Though I lost everything, I was filled with a feeling of happiness, joy, and peace that I will never forget. That feeling vastly out weighed the ridicule that I recieved from the world. It was the right thing to do. I could not imagine how bad the anguish and guilt would have felt if I had walked off of that field and back to class when the game was over, and never played catch with the outcast.

When you associate with an outcast, you become an outcast.  Have you been cast out?

Verse of the day:

17 And everyone will hate you because you are my followers. (Luke 21:17)

Challenge of the day: 

Today I cahallenge you to be an outcast with Jesus. Go against the grain of the world. Do not follow suite with what society and the world would have you do. Instead, live by God’s word. Don’t try to impress man but strive to impress God!


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