What Shall I Write Lord


guitarI have an old friend who said something to me one day many many years ago that I never forgot.  He said, “I want to write a song that will change the world and the hearts of people.” When he said that it really caught my attention. I really never thought of something like that before. Was it really possible to write such a song? To create such a movement in the world that everyone would take notice and be touched just by the words of one song?

Well at the time that my friend had made this statement, I was a songwriter and musician. I was inspired by his statement and wanted to try and write that song that would change the world. So from then on I became a perfectionist with my music. Every song I wrote I would critique every word. I poured my heart into it in an attempt to write that perfect world changing song. You know what happened? I failed. I failed several times over. No matter how awesome I though the words of the songs were, it was not good enough to change the hearts of man.

So what did I do next? I went to the Lord in prayer asking him to help me find the right words to write. What shall I write Lord? What words can I use to open the hearts of the people? How do I align the words just right to knock down the hardened walls that surround their hearts? At that time I was saved. However, regrettably I was young and living a worldly life. I knew God and loved him but my life did not reflect that in so many ways. I did not pay much attention to the bible and hardly ever opened the book. Even when I did read it, I would just go to one of the few popular verses that I knew just to get a little inspiration.

So one day I decided that I was going to dive into the Bible.  I would engulf myself in God’s word. I had never read the whole bible and was really lacking in knowledge of all that was written in it and you know what happened? When I finished reading the bible I felt the Lord speaking to my spirit saying ” I have already written the words that will change the world.” Years after my friend made that statement about writing the perfect song that would change the world, I realized that it had already been done and I just didn’t know it.  The perfect alignment of words that would change the hearts of the world had already been written. Wow! Here I am, a christian all my life and I didn’t even know all the treasure that were found in God’s perfect words. The words that change the hearts of men. The words that changed my heart…

So let me pose this question to you. If I believed in God and loved him even though I did not know his word the way that I really should have, then what about those people who have never read the word of God? All those people who’s hearts would be changed if they would only have a bible put in their hands and take the time to read it? What about you? Have you read the words that change the hearts of men lately? Have you?

Verse of the day:

 11 It is the same with my word. I send it out, and it always produces fruit. It will accomplish all I want it to, and it will prosper everywhere I send it. (Isaiah 55:11)

Challenge of the day:

Today I challenge you to read Psalms chapter 37 in the bible. This is one of my favorite chapters in all the bible. This chapter really shows you what perfectly aligned words really look like. This chapter possesses words that will change your heart.


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